Solutions to reduce losses

  • 11 November 2016

GVA team links with domestic and foreign experts to research, select and consulting solutions to suit the needs and capacity of customers.

Application of technology solutions to help reduce losses in agriculture, enhance value to agricultural products by optimizing each step includes:

Phase before harvest: There are precise calculations about varieties, cultivation methods, mode of irrigation, fertilizer, harvesting time.

Harvest: especially take into account the stage of gathering the harvest time.


Disinfection measures, quarantine
The parameters before preservation and processing
The preliminary treatment measures: particle separation, cleaning, drying, sorting
Solutions for Storage:

Managing Indies by freeze

CAS-technology (Cells Alive System)

Managing food Indies vegetables by means of adjusting the atmosphere

+ Method CA (Controlled Atphosphere)

+ Method MA (Modified Atmosphere)

+ Vegetable Preserving food by chemical

+ Vegetable Preserving food by irradiation

-The Method of food preservation membrane vegetables

+ Method Chitosan film preservation

+ Preserving food vegetables BOQ-15 semi-permeable membrane

+ Storage with membrane preparations

+ Technology on tree fruit preserved by preparations Retaine (AVG)