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  • 12 November 2016

Preserving potatoes in storage technology for ventilation, cooling and control systems QCC Automatic Vision Control

For years the potato has become one of the major crops in the winter in northern Vietnam and is cultivated in all 3 delta, midland and mountainous areas. In the process of preservation and loss ratio estimates of potato at up to 40%, but the biggest cause is due to the intrusion, destruction of microorganisms that cause rot, caused by the reduction in water content, so the physiological changes, biochemical happened during preservation.


Cooler Compact ventilation system, making special modern cold storage of potatoes in the world currently hold the best quality and quantity of potatoes.

  Processed potatoes before harvest:

In order to eliminate the microorganisms that cause rot and insects collected in stages makes tubers increased access resistance and inhibit the germination of commercial potatoes, choice of potato fields well, fat trees, not pests , spraying a mixture of 0.5% MH (hydrozit malic acid) and 0.5% of ben C on potato fields before harvest 15-20 days.


Best potato harvest must absolutely not be in contact with water to gently harvest, not poured from basket to basket potatoes other, not in sacks, avoid stamping and Scratch.

    Processed before storage:

Handling antifungal (CBZ 0.2% solution phase). Can handle by mixing anti-fungal chemicals on clay and sprinkle them into piles of potatoes, or spray solution for wet pile of potatoes, otherwise the solution soak for 5 minutes.

Anti-sprouting handled by MH (Hydrozit malic acid), or M1 (esters of security methylic phase – naptylaxetic). After a period of anti-fungal treatment and potatoes were dried, or preserved potatoes is 3-4 months, sprayed or mixed with soil and sprinkle.

Note: When processed, potatoes should be dried naturally before further processing at a later stage.

Preserving potatoes in storage technology for ventilation, cooling and control systems QCC Automatic Vision Control

Cooler Compact essentially comprises: an air compressor, air coolers, condensers and the control panel is connected to each other.


Compressors help using air from the outside for ventilation. The condenser ensures optimum air supply during external ventilation.

QCC performance and durability with two cooling capacity: 40 and 60 kW.

Large evaporating surfaces create optimal conditions for the product so high storage performance.

QCC – combined with computer-controlled electrical environment Vision Control which adjusts to ensure efficient cooling.

Vision Control is an intelligent computer controlled storage temperature, humidity, CO2 levels. Control Vision-based control scheme and the preservation of refrigeration equipment.


By setting the maximum energy consumption allowed and set the priorities of the storage system, the basis of energy consumption will automatically be turned on or off. Therefore, the highest energy savings.

Vision Control predict and notify the storage conditions in the warehouses help managers actively in the preservation and production. Furthermore, Vision Control can be controlled via internet connection (PC, tablet, smartphone).


Greater productivity.

Less power consumption

QCC maximum control of storage conditions to minimize water loss

Inhibits the activity of bacterial, fungal pathogens.

Ensure nutritional quality of the product.

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