Greenhouse cultivation

  • 11 November 2016

GVA is the trusted partner of customers in providing industrial solutions to modernize agriculture in Vietnam towards creating quality products with broad market, high export capacity. One of the technology solutions are most commonly used today are: farming technology solutions roofed houses.

The effectiveness of this technology solutions to help customers:

Implementation of intensive technologies.
Minimize, maybe even eliminate the adverse external factors outside producers.
Produces food crops that nature not preferences (off-season), even produced naturally in the environment.
Maximizing productivity product quality and production efficiency; minimize production costs and especially to save water.

GVA research, design and selection of high-quality materials to provide comprehensive solutions for:

The structure for the entire house roof
Membrane overlay system
Irrigation systems, heating, cooling, lighting, environmental controls
Floor plan, planting tables and more …

The optimal solution is required in addition to ensuring a sustainable structure, requirements for the implementation of mechanization to the highest level of the stages of production, the greenhouse can allow it to meet the highest level of need demand control “greenhouse microclimate”; control “greenhouse biology”; controlling “pests” greenhouse; and implement measures to adjust computing elements greenhouse ecological environment.