Red dragon fruit

Product name: Red dragon fruit
Region area: Binh Thuan
  • Size S : 490 – 690 Gr/Fruit
  • Size M : 700 – 990 Gr/ Fruit
  • Size L : > 1000 Gr/ Fruit
Brix: 13.5 – 15.5 %
Season: All years
Packing: 5Kg/ carton or according to customer requirements
Storage and transportation: By air or by sea in 20’RF or 40’RF, from 5 -10 oC

Product Description


Binh Thuan is the southernmost coastal province of Vietnam. Binh Thuan terrain is mainly low hills, narrow coastal plain, narrow horizontal terrain pulling in the direction of northeastern southwest. The climate of Binh Thuan is quite harsh, it is difficult to catch the southwest monsoon year and the Northeast monsoon blows from the sea. There must be no local climate like that, but it has contributed to the specificity of the “wild” tree. From crystallizing the source of natural nutrition and energy abundance in the sunshine of the tropical sea, Thanh Long fruit of Binh Thuan has its own charming taste.
Dragon fruit of Binh Thuan now accounts for 90% of dragon fruit’s export because of its  outstanding features: cool taste, brilliant red color, long-term preservation in natural environment … so this fruit is increasingly favored by the market. Thanks to that, the consumption price has continuously increased and boosted the area of Binh Thuan dragon fruit significantly expanded.




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