Product name:  Mangosteen
Region area: Ben Tre, Vietnam
Characteristics:  Fruit shaped round, fruit diameter from 4 – 7 cm, fruit skin is thick, hard and when ripe is purple and red, the fruit has 5-8 zones, sweet and mixed with sour taste, flesh and color soft white, smooth and characteristic flavor
Trọng lượng: 12 – 16 Fruit/ Kg
Brix: 15 – 18 %
Season: May – June – July
  • 5Kg/ plastic basket
  • Or according to customer requirements
Storage and transportation: By air or by sea in 20’RF or 40’RF, from 5 -10 oC

Product Description


Mangosteen is a specialty fruit of Vietnam and is considered the “Queen of fruits” (Queen of fruits). Mangosteen has a spherical shape, hard shell, the outer surface of the shell has a deep purple red color, the face is bright red like wine. The inner core is white and divided into many zones like very beautiful petals. Want to know how much mangosteen has inside, we just need to count the number of wings in the rosette floating below the bottom of the fruit. Mangosteen intestines are soft, smooth, sweet and mixed with a little tart. Mangosteen is not only favored by domestic consumers but also foreign customers favor the taste of this fruit. Mangosteen harvested in April and May every year, this is also an appropriate time to export this fruit.

In Vietnam, mangosteen is a specialty of the fruit kingdom of Ben Tre. With delicious and charming taste and great benefits for health, mangosteen gradually becomes an indispensable fruit in the menu of every Vietnamese family. Mangosteen is often used as a dessert or processed into smoothies, ice cream, juice, salad, mangosteen tea, sweet and sour mangosteen salad … very delicious and attractive. In addition, in traditional medicine of some countries, mangosteen is used to treat diarrhea, to heal wounds, to treat skin disorders. Recently, American scientists when studying this kind of fruit also discovered some other valuable properties such as: regular eating mangosteen with anti-fatigue effect, anti-aging elements, reducing cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure, strengthening urinary tract, keeping balance in the stomach, fighting and preventing diabetes, preventing cancer and allergies



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