Actrice potato seed import

Product Name: Actrice potato seed
Characteristics: Round – Oval tuber, smooth skin, yellow skin and yellow flesh, shallow  eyes
Size: 28 – 55 mm
Packing: 25 Kg/ jute bag stamp of the exporting country
The growing time: Early from 85 – 90 days
Yield: 21 – 35 tons/ha
Germ: Medium to large size, wide cylindrical
Form: Harf-standing – Standing
Resistant to pests and diseases: Resitant to Ro1&Ro4 and wart disease Fysio 1
Product code: NK-GVA001
Origin: Netherlands
  • Certificated atlantic is imported
  • Hight yield
Plating season:
  • Winter from 15/10 to 25/11
  • Spring from 1/12 to 20/12
Technical: Technical guidance, potatoes production techniques transfer




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