Bac Giang is the locality where GVA Joint Stock Company has developed planting areas in many districts across the province such as Yen Dung, Lang Giang, Viet Yen, Tan Yen ... for many years. In Tan Yen, the model of growing Actrice potatoes in the chain has been implemented since 2018 and shows more economic efficiency than the locally grown potato varieties.
On December 22, 2020, GVA Joint Stock Company in association with Mr. Vuong Anh Tuan, Director of Hoang Linh Cooperative (Doi Chinh village, Dai Hoa commune, Tan Yen district) organized a visit and introduced Actrice potatoes to her. child. At the potato harvest field, farmers directly visited and assessed the potato variety Actrice, which was harvested 70-75 days early, with this time the proportion of large tubers was also higher than the others. other varieties of potatoes (other varieties 85-90 days to harvest). According to Mr. Tuan's preliminary assessment, the average yield is 6 quintals / rod (while not in the main season, if harvested after 80 - 90 days, the yield can reach 7-8 quintals / rod). The purchase price of potatoes at the beginning of the crop is also high, ranging from 10-12 thousand / 1 kg. Mr. Tuan said that the next winter season will continue to expand the area of ​​winter potatoes.
After the visit, GVA Joint Stock Company continued to answer questions for farmers about the technology as well as the potato development model in the linked chain. Questions about the growth and development characteristics of Actrice as well as how to register production, support from the company, or economic efficiency were explained carefully by representatives of the GVA side.
The seminar was also attended by representatives of the Department of Science and Technology of Bac Giang province, representatives of the agricultural department of Tan Yen district, representatives of the People's Committee of Dai Hoa commune. The delegates were gay with the effectiveness of the model of potato development in the chain, the representative of the People's Committee, the deputy chairman of the commune affirmed, in the following years, the head of the commune fully supports the development. with potatoes in the winter season, the current area of ​​potato cultivation is about 40 hectares. In the following years, the commune will strive to increase the area to 65-70 hectares.