GVA specialize in supplying potato varieties adapted to climate and land in Vietnam’s conditions. The seeds have a origin, no disease, low susceptibility, high yield, consistent with the market and customer’s demand..

Import Potato Varieties

Domestic Potato Varieties

We understand the needs of customers and the condition of agriculture in Vietnam, therefore, GVA is associated implementing manufacturing solutions in the form of potato tissue culture cells combined aeroponic. it will create potato varieties no disease, good quality, low cost, high yield and big income value. This production model is being evaluated as a huge prospect, matching the trend of development of production, bringing more choices and more benefits and value to customers.

GVA supply the plant varieties is always guaranteed the origin and quality. Besides, GVA with agricultural experts is always explore, research to improve the quality of seeds to help increase productivity, reduce costs, optimize profitable for farmers and consumers. GVA’s engineering team always ready to technical support,care and pest management for customer.