Seed potato production using aeroponics technology

  • 11 November 2016

Aeroponic technology is seen as a breakthrough in the field of research and production of disease-free seed potatoes. This technology allows the production of fully active on a small area is a huge amount of seed potato tubers of high quality, the number of tubers can increase between 600% – 1400% compared to the propagation method by culture screen size and growing in the home.

In technical applications to aeroponic plant breeding, the potato crop is considered that this technology successfully collected the most impressive. Late 90s last century and the early years of the 21st century many research results of space research agency of the United States (NASA), the Agricultural Research Institute of Korean upland mentioned revolution in potato tubers produced small (minituber) whose content is mainly applied technology in production aeroponic tubers missed.


Since the Institute of Biology of Agriculture conducted research technology applications in the breeding aeroponic potato tissue culture (by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Thach is the author of the project), the potato seedling multiplication was obtained unsurpassed efficiency to achieve the multiplier 8-11lan / month (depending on the variety). The advantage of the method of plant propagation potato aeroponic technology is:

Multiplier outperformed tissue culture
Stronger seedlings, trees and fatter, the uniformity of high seedling
Seedlings may be brought directly planted in the field, high survival rate> 98% (while workers from tissue culture plants can not give directly planted in the field which have grown through the election period)
Expenses for propagation by aeroponics’s cheaper than using tissue culture methods (by tissue culture is costly in chemicals, utilities and construction investment tissue culture lab)

Some illustrations


Native trees in tubs plated potato aeroponic


tops cuttings


Tops rooted cuttings


After 5 days cuttings


Seedlings standards


Bon plated seedlings


15 days after planting


Tree growth and development


Ray control tubers


70 days after planting

image011 image012


image013 image014

image015 image016

Harvested potato tubers in aeroponics

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