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  • 11 November 2016

During the preservation process, the estimated loss ratio of potatoes is up to 40%. The main reason is due to: the intrusion and destruction of microorganisms that cause rot, reducing water content, changing physiology and biochemistry during preservation…

Cooler Compact is the modern ventilation and cooling system in the world especially in storing potatoes which assist in keeping potatoes with the best quality and quantity.

* Treating potatoes before harvesting:

In order to eliminate the microorganisms that cause rot and insects at the stage of nearly harvest to help the tubers increase resistance and inhibit the germination of commercial potatoes, select good potato fields, fat green trees, non pest infestation, spray a mixture of 0.5% MH (hydroxide malic acid) and 0.5% of Viben C on potato fields 15-20 days.before harvest

* Harvest:

Potatoes should not be in contact with water, gently harvest, do not put in sacks to avoid bruise and scratch

* Treating potatoes before harvesting:

– Anti fungal pathogen treatment (dilute CBZ 0.2%). Alternate way is to mix anti-fungal chemicals into clay then sprinkle them on potatoes, or spray solution until potatoes get wet, otherwise soak in the solution for 5 minutes.

– Anti-germiniation treatment by MH (malic acid Hydroxide az), or M1 (methyl ester of alpha – naptyl axetic). After anti-fungal pathogen treatment and potatoes are dried, or preserved for 3-4 months, spray or mix with soil then sprinkle.

Attention: During treatment, potatoes are required to be dried naturally before treated in the following periods.

Preserve potatoes by QCC ventilation and cooling technology and Vision Control automatic control systems

Basically Compact Cooler includes: an air compressor, air coolers, condensers and the control panel connected to each other.


Air compressor help using air from the outside for ventilation. Condensers ensure to optimally supply air during external ventilation.

QCC has high efficiency and durability with two cooling levels: 40 and 60 kW.

Large evaporating surfaces create optimal conditions for the products leading high storage efficiency

A combination of QCC and Vision Control controlled computer to adjust to ensure efficient cooling.

Vision Control is an intelligent storage computer controlling temperature, humidity, CO2 levels. Control Vision control basing on preservation map and refrigeration equipment.


By setting the maximum allowed energy consumption and set the priorities of the storage system, the basis of energy consumption will automatically be turned on or off. Therefore, energy will be saved in the most efficient way.

Vision Control predicts and notifies the storage conditions in the warehouses to assist managers in preserving and producing actively. Furthermore, Vision Control can be controlled via internet connection (PC, tablet, smartphone).

* Advantages:

Great productivity

Less power consumption

QCC control of storage conditions in a maximum way to minimize water loss

Inhibits the activity of bacterial and fungal pathogens.

Ensure nutritions of the product.

Reduce mechanical damages, increase surface gravity.

Highly efficient storage, long storage duration (6-12 months). While preserving the quality of potatoes remains the same.

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