Model of seed potatoes grown plant material covered Marabel

  • 11 November 2016

Model Marbel planted potato plant material covered by World Vision International in collaboration with the Center for Agriculture in Thanh Hoa province deployed Hoang Thanh commune, Hoang Hoa district with 10 participating households. The goal towards which the model is to help people improve their lives, have more income from agricultural production, while taking advantage of straw resources, improvement of land resources degraded, faded.

Join model, farmers are supported Marabel German potato varieties, training and technical processes planting, care right in the field. Technical staff regularly inspect, monitor and guide the care measures, pest and disease control in time.

After nearly three months, the potato acreage has begun to harvest, yield was estimated at 1,000 kg / rod, higher planting potatoes traditional method from 200-300 kg / rod, economic efficiency obtained high more than 1.8 million / rod than traditional farming.

Currently, the source of straw after harvest, but many people take advantage of the few manufacturers to improve economic efficiency. Models covered potato cultivation of plants are favorable conditions for replication in the province, especially in the coastal areas, where farming conditions are often troubled by the impact of climate change.

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