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The mission of GVA

GVA is the enterprise specializing in researching, selecting, hybridizing, producing the varieties of plants and agriculture products; consulting and providing the high tech agriculture solutions.


Key to success

Amongst all the development strategies of GVA, R&D is the crucial activity that brings the triumph and comparative advantage. It is the investment and innovation in agriculture that make the production process of agricultural products sustainable and effective. We affirm that 95% secret of an extraordinary agricultural productivity is nothing but technology.


Core values

Accompanying the development of agriculture in Vietnam on the principle “Common Values” indicating that: It is the values that GVA has brought to society that has created trust, prestige and leading advantages for GVA. For us, society are: farmers, workers, customers, partners, and of all the communities where we do business and production first.


Quality Service

GVA always ensure the quality and value in every product and service that we produce and trade. Put endeavor to build the intelligent agricultural value chain to develop a green, safe and sustainable agriculture for the present community and future generations

GVA - Growing Vietnam's Agriculture

Core values of GVA in each activity are:

“Responsibility, sustainability, trust, respect, cooperation, community, innovation“.


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Some potatoes can become “sweet” when stored. Potatoes in storage may convert starch to sugar which is used in the tuber “breathing” process. The breathing process of potatoes stored in a cool place slows so that the starch converted to sugar is not used in full; the unused sugar will give the potatoes a sweet […]

Potato varieties have long growing time, thus when being taken out of cold storage, the roots are short and few so they should be stored in house from 7-10 days (attention: should be stored in cool and dark place, avoid windy place causing dry for roots leading difficulty in growing) to be longer and increase […]

Potato Tuber crops are the most popular in the world, ranking 4th in terms of yields fresh – just behind rice, wheat and maize. The first potato was planted more than 7,000 years ago in Peru’s southern region and this plant has only one origin. A study in 2005 showed that potato only a single […]


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